TreePad is a tree-based Personal Information Manager.

It contains of two panes: (1) the left-hand or 'tree pane' which allows you to organize data, and (2) the right-hand or 'article pane' which is the editor (the editor contains the actual data).

Combining the tree pane with the article pane, TreePad enables you to store many documents inside just one TreePad database. Instead of having numerous unconnected document files cluttering your harddisk in a semi-random manner, using TreePad all data is organized in just one file which can be easily searched, structured and browsed. And should you wish to do so, you can create as many TreePad databases as you want!

Each node in the tree pane corresponds to a document in the article pane. You can create new tree nodes using the tree menu. When you create a new tree node, the corresponding new article will be empty until you type or paste some text in it. When you navigate to another node (just click on another node inside the tree pane or create a new node using the tree menu) the text from the first article is automatically stored inside the first node and a document (or 'article') corresponding to the second node will open inside the article pane.

As briefly mentioned before, TreePad enables you to easily organize and search your documents. Since the tree represents your organization of the data, you can easily browse and re-organize your document collection by navigating and re-arranging the tree. To organize your collection of articles, TreePad offers you the convenience of 'drag-and-drop'. You can drag-drop nodes to a different location, add or delete nodes, move nodes using the tree menu and even sort nodes alphabetically. You can also copy/paste complete subtrees together with all the articles attached to them - all of it in one go. TreePad saves you time, allowing you easy and prompt access to anything that you have stored inside it. Best of all: download and enjoy TreePad 100% Free!

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