The "Format" menu

The following items can be found inside the "Format" menu:

"Menu: Format/Convert/To uppercase"

The selected block of text is converted to upper case, e.g., "IT'S A NICE DAY".

"Menu: Format/Convert/To lowercase"
The selected block of text is converted to lower case, e.g., "it's a nice day".

"Menu: Format/Remove/Leading spaces"

When you paste texts into the article, the lines are often formatted with undesirable characters such as leading spaces, hard carriage returns and leading symbols such as ">", often seen in e-mails. Using this function you can remove leading spaces and '>' characters from a selected block of text.

"Menu: Format/Remove/Spaces and returns"
This function does the same as the previous function, except that now also the carriage returns (or 'enter' or 'end of line' characters) are removed from the selected block of text.

"Menu: Format/Undo last format"
This function undoes the last formatting action.

The items in the "Format" menu can also be found inside the article popup menu (just right-click on the article top open the article popup menu).

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