TreePad Lite 4.3 Manual
Version of this manual: March 17, 2010

This guide also applies to TreePad Asia

TreePad Lite is *** Freeware *** for Windows and compatible with: Windows 7, XP, Vista, 200x, NT, 9x, ME, all current 64 bit Windows editions and Linux/Wine.

You can use TreePad Lite free of charge without any limitations, whether you are a private individual, an employee inside a company, government institution, non profit organization, owner of a company, etc. etc.

You may freely distribute copies of the program, in its original format, so long as you do not charge more than a nominal fee to cover the cost of materials (DVD's, CD's, bandwidth, etc.). You may not in any way change the contents of the original distribution file. You may also upload the program to a Website, FTP site, bulletin board, etc. and use any of the descriptions available on as long as they are clearly a reference to the TreePad program and not something else.

TreePad homepage: []
Company homepage: []
Contact and support: []

Install and uninstall

TreePad Lite offers automatic install/uninstall as well as manual install/uninstall.
For additional information regarding install and uninstall, please see the node titled 'Installing and uninstalling'.

More features

TreePad Lite and TreePad Asia are freeware.
If you want more features, including:

- Styled text (bold, italic, underline, color, images, font, align, tables, etc.)
- custom tree icons
- Hyperlink support (underlined, blue)
- Website creation
- Encryption, password protection
- Spellcheck/thesaurus
- Advanced search
- Attachments
- Multi-gigabyte databases
- Multi-user database access
- etc.
- etc.

please see the higher TreePad editions:

* TreePad PLUS, []
* TreePad SAFE, []
* TreePad Business Edition, []
* TreePad X Enterprise (single-user), []
* TreePad X Enterprise (multi-user), []

Fully functional 21-day evaluation versions can be downloaded - without any obligations - from:

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