You can place TreePad's toolbars anywhere you wish. You can leave them "docked" (inside the toolbar area), or you can "undock" them (make them free-floating "tool windows").

To move a toolbar:

(1) Using your left mouse button, press down on the toolbar's handle (the two vertical lines to the left of its buttons) and hold.

(2) Then drag the toolbar anywhere you want it, and finally release it.

When you drag a toolbar away from the toolbar area, it undocks (and becomes a 'tool window').

When you drag a 'tool window' back onto the toolbar area, it re-docks (and becomes a regular toolbar again).

Similarly, you can change the order of the toolbars by simply dragging them around.

If you wish, you can also make TreePad's toolbar area larger by dragging and docking a toolbar to the bottom of the toolbar area. This way the toolbar area expands so that it becomes two rows high. You can even make it three rows or four rows high.

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