TreePad startup options

You can select one of the following startup options:

* Show the "Quick Start" dialog (default)
This is the default startup option. When this is enabled, TreePad will show you - at startup - a dialog where you can specify whether you want: open the last accessed file, open a recent file, create a new file or do none of these.

* Ask at startup whether or not to load the last opened file
When this option is enabled TreePad will show you a dialog asking you whether or not to load the last file during startup. After you confirm, the last accessed file is loaded. Moreover, using this option, TreePad will also automatically open the selected node (i.e. the node that was selected when you closed the program).

* Automatically load the last opened file at startup
TreePad will load the last accessed file on startup without asking you. The last accessed node will be automatically opened.

* Do not load any file at startup
TreePad will start empty. To proceed using the program you need to use the "File" menu or file toolbar to open or create a file.

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