Inserting hyperlinks to Websites

You can use copy/paste to enter a hyperlink or you can manually type it in as explained in more detail below.

(1) First copy the link to the Windows clipboard from another program. This can be a Webbrowser, email program, chat program, word processor or some another type of software.

(2) then inside TreePad, use "Menu: Edit/Paste" (or "Ctrl V" or the article popup menu) to insert the link into the article.

(3) Finally, place square brackets around the link.



Another method to create a hyperlink is to manually type in the address of the hyperlink, then place square brackets around the link.

You can omit the 'http://' part, but only when the remainder of the URL starts with 'www'. Otherwise TreePad will not know that this is a link to a Website.

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