TreePad options

The options screen allows you to customize TreePad by:

* adjusting the article font and color,
* adjusting the tree font and color
* changing the program startup options
* changing the program shutdown options
* changing the way the TreePad icon appears in the Windows taskbar or system tray
* specifying printer settings
* specifying the page setup
* etc.

The options screen can be opened through:

"Menu: View/Options"

or using your keyboard:

"Shift Alt O"

or by clicking on the 'Options' toolbar button.

The "Default" button

When you click on the "Default" button, all options will revert to their default values. But only after clicking "OK" or "Apply" will this change become permanent. You can find the "Default" button at the bottom of the options screen (on the left-hand side).

The available categories

The child nodes of this node describe the categories available in the options screen. To access a category (inside the options screen), just click on the corresponding category title inside the left-hand pane (of the options screen).

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