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Sometimes you plan on not using TreePad for a few hours, but once in a while you might need the program to take a few notes or so.

One solution is to close TreePad, and restart it every time you need it.

A more convenient and faster method is to place TreePad as an icon inside the system tray. This way you will have much faster access to the information inside the program (for instance, you do not need to restart it every time you need it) and it does not take up any space inside the Windows taskbar.

The system tray is a small area located at the end of the Windows taskbar near the clock (by default on the bottom-right side of the screen).

One way of placing TreePad (as an icon) inside the system tray is to click

"Menu: File/Minimize to tray"

- or -

Press "Ctrl M" on your keyboard.

TreePad is now minimized, and TreePad's icon will appear inside the system tray area.

You can always double-click on the TreePad icon to activate the program. When you right-click on the tray icon, the "Tray menu" will appear.

Besides using 'Minimize to tray', there are other ways of sending TreePad to the system tray.

For more information on the various tray icon options, please see the node:

[node://TreePad Lite Manual/TreePad Lite reference/Options/Tray icon options]

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