TreePad Lite articles can contain hyperlinks that let you jump to:

- Other TreePad nodes
- Files on your computer
- Websites
- Local network addresses
- Email addresses
- FTP sites
- Newsgroups

Because TreePad is a pure-text program (meaning that it does not support text formatting such as underlining and bold), hyperlinks in TreePad do not appear blue and underlined (as in Web browser). Instead, a TreePad pure-text hyperlink appears as a URL (hyperlink address) between square brackets.

For example, this is a pure-text hyperlink to the Website:

[] .

To open this operlink:

(1) just click inside the square brackets of the hyperlink with your left mouse button, so that the text cursor is inside the link;
(2) then click "Menu: Navigate/Follow hyperlink"

Instead of using the "Navigate" menu as in step (2) you can also press "Ctrl H" on your keyboard or use the article popup menu.

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