Importing a CSV file into the tree

CSV stands for Comma Separated Value and is a common format for exchanging databases between different programs, mostly online banking systems, spreadsheet and accounting software. A CSV file is structured as a collection of records. Each record is separated by a 'New line' character or a return. The data fields inside each record are separated by commas. When imported into the tree, the structure of the CSV file (records, fields) will be mapped to the structure of a tree (nodes, articles).

First of all, the CSV file is imported as a subtree. The title of the most basic node of the subtree corresponds the name of the imported CSV file. Each record from the CSV file will be imported as a child node. The name of the child node corresponds to the first field inside the record. The other fields inside the record are imported into the article: each field as a separate line.

To import a CSV file, click

"Menu: File/Import/Into tree/CSV file"

You can also use the tree popup menu.

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