Examples of use

Personal information manager
Personal database
Storing notes of any type
Reference index for books, magazines, and other resources.
Free-format PIM for addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail.
Archiving e-mail messages.
Archiving addresses of Websites (URL's)
Cardfile program replacement.
Organize and store study notes
Documentation tool
To-do and reminder lists
An aid to remember things at your work
Household inventory.
Hobby and collection notes.
Travel info.
Logs and records.
Meeting notes.
Telephone conversation notes.
Bug report database.
Organizing snipplets of programming code
Creating documentation of any type
Creating a help file in TreePad format
Distributing structured information
Developing books, tutorials, articles using the tree structure as a hierarchical ordering
Organizing research Notes
Organizing technical information
Helpdesk information system listing problems and their solution ordered by categories (subtrees) and searchable by keyword.
Tracking construction jobs in Building projects
Storing car part numbers
Organizing and storing poetry
Database for customer contact information in car furnishing business
Database of technical data of different car models used by a car magazine
Structured and searchable documentation accessible (read-only) by multiple users
Tool for construction, ordering and storage of sermons
Storing address information
Storing contact information

No doubt you can think of more!

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