Splitting and joining TreePad files

Splitting files

Should you wish to split the current file into two or more smaller files, then just export one or more subtrees to a TreePad file using "Menu: File/Export/Subtree/As TreePad file". After this, delete the exported subtrees from the main file.

Please note that it is a wise precaution to make a backup of the original file before deleting the subtrees.

Joining files

If you want - for whatever reason - to merge two or more TreePad Lite files into one larger database, then you will find that built-in import function of TreePad Lite is a very convenient way of doing this:

(1) Consider one TreePad file the "main database" and open this file through "Menu: File/Open"
(2) Select a node
(3) Import one of the other TreePad files (into the selected node) using "Menu: File/Import/Into tree/TreePad file"
(4) If you want to import more files, repeat steps (2) and (3)
(5) Finally, click "Menu: File/Save".

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