Installing TreePad Lite on a USB drive

TreePad Lite is fully portable, you can run it directly from USB drive. Just copy the TreePad Lite program files from your harddisk (usually c:\program files\treepadlite4 ) to a directory on the USB disk, then plug the USB disk into another computer and start TreePad Lite by double clicking on the file 'treepad.exe'.

That's all!!

You can store all the TreePad Lite settings on the USB drive as well. Just enable the option 'store settings in the same directory as the TreePad program'. You can activate this function inside the TreePad Lite options screen ('Menu: View/Options', category 'Settings'). After closing TreePad you will see that a file 'treepadlite.ini' has been created in the same directory as the program.

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