Uninstalling TreePad

If you plan to use TreePad again, be sure to first make a backup copy of your TreePad files!

(1) Automatic uninstall
If you have used the TreePad installer to install TreePad on your system, then you can uninstall TreePad Lite by using the Windows control panel (add/remove programs) or by using the 'uninstall' icon in the TreePad program group inside the Windows start menu.

(2) Manual uninstall
Since TreePad does not install/register any dll's, ActiveX controls, etc., and does not copy anything into the Windows system directories, you can also manually remove TreePad without using the uninstaller.
To uninstall TreePad manually, simply delete the TreePad folder and any TreePad shortcuts which might have been created inside the Windows start menu. You can use the Windows Explorer or any other file manager for this.

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