Hyperlinks without brackets

It can happen - for instance - that you have imported or pasted quite a lot of information from external sources and the text contains a lot of URLs which are not enclosed in brackets. No need to despair, it is still possible to make these URLs function as hyperlinks without needing to format the entire text.

By default hyperlinks should be enclosed in square brackets: [hyperlink_address]. However, when certain conditions are met, the brackets can be omitted. Omitting brackets makes a hyperlink less distinctive, and when the hyperlink address contains one or more spaces, TreePad will not be able to determine where the hyperlink begins and where it ends.

However, there are various methods of circumventing these issues as explained below.

(1) when a URL (hyperlink address) does not contain any spaces, it will function even without the brackets.

For example, the URL:


will function, even without being enclosed in square brackets.

For testing purposes, if you want to open this URL, just place the text-cursor anywhere inside the URL and press "Ctrl H" (or use the "Navigate" menu or the article popup menu).

(2) Even if a URL (hyperlink address) contains one or more spaces, you can also make it function without brackets.

First select/highlight the entire URL using your left mouse button or the cursor keys on your keyboard, then press "Ctrl H" (or use the "Navigate" menu or the article popup menu).


file://C:\Program Files\Common Files

This URL points to a directory on your c: drive and contains two spaces. This directory exists by default on most Windows systems, but on some systems it might be located elsewhere; therefore you might get an error message "File or directory does not exist".

If you think that the directory "Common Files" exists on your computer inside "c:\Program Files", then just select/highlight the entire line of the example above, the line starting with "file" and ending in "Common Files". Finally press "Ctrl H" to open the hyperlink (or use the "Navigate" menu or the article popup menu).

Explanation: when you highlight the entire URL, you are making clear to TreePad where the URL begins and where it ends. This way even URL's containing spaces and no brackets, can open correctly.

(3) An alternative to square bracket is double quotes. A hyperlink enclosed with double quotes will also function, even if the URL contains spaces.


"file://C:\Program Files\Common Files"

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