Options: TreePad

Show full file-path in title bar

By default, the name of the currently active file is displayed in the title bar (along with the name of the program 'TreePad Lite' or 'TreePad Asia'). The title bar is a standard component of most Windows programs and can be found at the very top of a program's window. It usually shows the name of the program, hence it is called 'title bar'. When the option 'Show full file-path in title bar' is enabled, instead of just the name of the file, the full path + name of the file is displayed (along with the name of the program).

Show full node path in status bar

By default, the full file-path is displayed in the statusbar (at the bottom of the program window). If you enable this option, then the full path of the currently selected node is displayed instead.

For additional TreePad options, please see the child nodes.

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