By default, TreePad's toolbars are located inside a single row just below the main menu.

Although you see just one row of tool buttons, there are actually five toolbars:

- File
- Article Edit
- Tree Edit
- View
- Navigate

Each toolbar contains 'tool buttons'. Each tool button has an icon symbolizing its function. For instance, the 'print' toolbutton contains the icon of a printer.

When you hover your mouse pointer over a toolbutton, a little text (also called 'hint' or 'tooltip') will appear explaining the function of the button.

When you actually click on a tool button (using your left mouse button) TreePad will perform the corresponding action.

Many toolbuttons correspond to a menu item hidden somewhere inside the main menu. The reason why we have toolbars is that it is often faster to use a tool button instead of a menu item. But if you don't like the toolbars you can always hide one or more of them (as explained in the child node 'Showing/hiding toolbars').

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