Superscripts and subscripts
These are useful where special notation is required, e.g.,
E = mc2, 10-3,  see other reference4, H20, R2D2.
You can also tuck footnotes and references out of sight by incorporating hyperlinks into superscript or subscript, e.g.,
Go here for further informationreferences, comments
If you plan to include a hyperlink, it is easier to create the hyperlink first and reduce it to superscript or subscript last.
To enter superscript mode
To enter subscript mode
"[+⁄=]" means the alphabetical keyboard key with the "+" and "-" characters (the numeric keypad cannot be used for this). It's easy to remember the keyboard shortcuts if you think of them as combinations of the Ctrl key and the "+" or "=" keys.   Since the "+" is upper case (requiring the Shift key) while "-" is lower case, Ctrl+[+] is equivalent to Shift+Ctrl+[=].
To insert a superscript or subscript
a) position the cursor where you want the script to be inserted, choose the appropriate command and start typing the script; or
b) include the super- or subscript with the preceding and following text, then highlight the script part and use the appropriate command. Method (b) is preferable since you can do it all with one command, whereas with method (a) you have to use the command a second time on reaching the end of the script area, to change back to normal text.
Superscript and subscript font size
The font size of the superscript or subscript is not fixed but depends on the size of the normal text, e.g.:
10 Point Arial1
12 Point Arial1
15 Point Arial1
This means that if you wish to change the size of any text with an added super- or subscript, you should include the script too. The same applies to other font styles such as boldface and italics, though you may prefer not to include the script in order to maintain size consistency with scripts elsewhere in the article.
12 Point Arial1
12 Point Arial1
12 Point Arial1
12 Point Arial1
Editing superscripts and subscripts
The easiest way is to position the cursor at the beginning of the script text to be changed, highlight the text to be changed from left to right using either the mouse or (more accurately) Shift+Right, then overtype with the correct script. If you try any other method you may find that superscript or subscript mode has been removed.
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