Maximum database size
For TreePad PLUS, SAFE and Business Edition:
(1) The recommended maximum combined size of the texts inside all your nodes and articles (including formatting) is 35 Mb. To find out how large your database's text size is, first click on the root node, then click Menu: Tree⁄Subtree statistics. This will show you the total number of bytes all your articles and notes take (among other things). Please note that the 'Subtree statistics' function does not include images and icons.
(2) The recommended maximum combined size of all images and icons is around 1 Gigabyte for .tpd databases, and 100 Mb for .hjt⁄.tpz databases (see also: TreePad database types )
Depending on your computer configuration, larger file sizes are possible.
For databases for which the total size of all texts (node titles and articles) is larger than 35 Mb, a warning message is shown that the database exceeds the maximum recommended size. The message is shown only after the first file-save action (during a file-session). In other words, consecutive file-save actions will not show this message anymore, until the file is loaded again, or a new file is loaded which also is larger than 35 Mb.
Please note that another TreePad edition, TreePad X Enterprise (384 Gb, single-user) supports databases of 384 Gigabytes, and can open up to eight databases simultaneously. There is also a cheaper 12 Gb edition.
For more information on TreePad X Enterprise (single-user), please see:⁄treepadx⁄index_su.html
The multi-user version, which also supports 384 Gigabytes databases can be found here: http:⁄⁄⁄treepadx⁄
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