Using TreePad
This is a user guide to TreePad taking you through the basic functions step by step. You will find links within these articles to more detailed ones in the TREEPAD REFERENCE. Enjoy this introduction to TreePad!
1 - Tree commands
         Creating the tree
                  Introduction to data trees
                  Creating a test file
                  Adding child and sibling nodes
                  Subtrees and sublevels
         Navigating the tree
                  Opening and closing subtrees
                  Navigation commands
         Rearranging the tree
                  Moving single nodes
                           Using the keyboard
                           Using the mouse
                           Cutting, copying and pasting nodes
                           Sorting nodes
                  Moving multiple nodes
         Making nodes distinctive
2 - Article commands
         Articles introduced
         Basic text editing
         Copying and moving text
         Formatting text
         Aligning and indenting text
         Inserting items into your text
         Using hyperlinks
                  Hyperlink features
                  Creating hyperlinks made easy
         Using images
3 - Advanced and miscellaneous features
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