Importing Favorites and links
You can import Windows link files (Internet Explorer Favorites and Windows Explorer Shortcuts) into TreePad as lists of hyperlinks within articles. This also enables you to export such articles as HTML files which can be read by other browsers such as Mozilla or Internet Explorer, without the need for requiring a third party bookmarks conversion program.
You can do this in TreePad in two ways:
  1. select a whole folder of link files, such as your Windows\Favorites folder or your Windows\Desktop folder, and insert it into the Tree pane as a subtree of the currently selected node; or
  2. open a folder containing link files, select just the files you want and insert them as a list of hyperlinks (to their targets) into the current article at the current cursor position.
1. To import a folder as a subtree
This will open the Browse for folder window where you can select the desired folder containing link files. If the selected folder contains subfolders (e.g., Internet Explorer Favorites), TreePad will create a subtree, one node to each folder.
This command only creates hyperlinks to Favorites and Shortcuts. All other files will be ignored. For example, subfolders containing other files will be represented as child nodes in the created subtree but their articles will be empty.
2. To insert a list of hyperlinks into the current article
This will insert links to one or more files in the selected folder. Unlike the previous method:
See Inserting multiple hyperlinks to files, also Insert menu for details of other items which may be inserted into an article.

  1. For the technically minded, Internet Explorer Favorites are URL files and Windows explorer shortcuts are LNK files.
  2. The Favorites described here are 'internet favorites', and are obviously different from TreePad's favorites which can be found in Main menu ⁄ File ⁄ Favorites, and the file toolbar.
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