Overview of formatting
The Article pane supports all the features of Rich text format (RTF)!
By using the options in Main menu ⁄ Format or clicking toolbuttons in the Article and node formatting and Paragraph toolbars you can:
These features are individually termed attributes. You can also combine text attributes, adding one or several at a time: e.g., this text is bold, italic, underlined, with added strikethrough highlighting, etc.
See Article shortcuts for a full list of article keyboard shortcuts.
You can invest a block of text with the formatting attributes of another block in one step by using the Copy Special ⁄ Paste Special commands.
To remove formatting from text see Reversing, removing and converting formatting.
Note: If you want to see exactly where all the extra formatting characters such as tab markers, paragraph markers, etc. have been placed, you can do so via the Options menu. See Article display options.
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