Copying and moving text
Having selected (highlighted) the block of text, you have the choice of using the keyboard or mouse to accomplish these aims.
Drag-and-drop using the mouse
Dragging the selected text block and dropping it at its new location is a quick and easy way to move text from one location to another within the same article. You can also use this to break up an article into smaller chunks by dragging and dropping each section on a node (the source node if you like), where it will become a new child node of its own. You can also copy text from documents in compatible applications such as Microsoft Word to the currently open TreePad article. See Copying, moving and deleting text for more details.
Cut⁄Copy⁄Paste using the keyboard
Having highlighted the block, press Ctrl+X to cut it or Ctrl+C to copy it, then Ctrl+V to paste it within the same or a different article, all using the Windows Clipboard. The target article may be in the same TreePad file, another TreePad file open in a concurrent instance of TreePad, or an open document in a compatible application such as a word processor. Although dragging and dropping is very easy to do, this method offers several advantages:
Moving lines⁄paragraphs up and down
Pressing Shift+Alt+UpDown when the article cursor is within a line or paragraph moves the whole line⁄paragraph above⁄below the adjacent line⁄paragraph. In our definition of a line, a line (or paragraph) ends when the Enter key is pressed to create a new line, so does not require a final period (full stop). It follows that this technique is also useful for manually sorting single lines that are not long enough to require word wrapping.
For more details of these methods see Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, also Copying or moving text and images.
Now that you can perform the basics, let's see what a little formatting can achieve.
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