Accessory pane
The Accessory pane is an area below the article, which can be shown or hidden by clicking on one of the buttons in the Article Button Bar below the article. The Accessory pane contains the following functions, or 'Accessories':
Button title Function Keyboard shortcut
  Icons   Node icons   Ctrl+Alt+I (Icons)
  BkMarks   Bookmarks   Ctrl+Alt+B (Bookmarks)
  History   Node history   Ctrl+Alt+O (histOry)
  SearchR   Search results   Ctrl+Alt+U (resUlts)
  DraftPad   DraftPad1   Ctrl+Alt+D  (DraftPad)
For instance, when the Icons button is clicked, the Accessory pane becomes the Icons pane; when the BkMarks button is clicked, the Accessory pane becomes the Bookmarks pane, etc.
To open an Accessory
To close an Accessory
Accessory pane features
Clicking the buttons depresses them but has no other effect. However, the width of each column except the rightmost one can be adjusted by clicking the right margin of its corresponding button (turning the mouse cursor into a bidirectional arrow, as shown below), and dragging it left or right to narrow or widen it. In this example, dragging the right margin of the Shortcut button would increase the width of its column.
No tooltip displayed Tooltip displayed
See each function for further details.

  1. The DraftPad is a feature unique to TreePad Business Edition.
  2. This option is discussed in Activating (following) hyperlinks. Double-clicking is the default.
  3. If the Accessory pane has not been opened before, pressing Ctrl+F9 opens the History pane (default).
  4. This shortcut works no matter which pane has the current focus.
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