Highlighting text
To select text which needs to be changed, use the mouse or keyboard as explained below. Selected text is shown  actively highlighted ( white against a dark blue background ) and may then be cut, copied or pasted over. (Note: this highlighting changes to passively highlighted ( black against a gray background ) when the relevant pane does not have focus, i.e. is not the current pane5.
To select text using the mouse
To select text using the keyboard
Hold the Shift key down and press the Cursor (arrow) keys (Up | Down | Left | Right) to highlight the text you wish to modify.
From the current cursor position:
Shift+[cursor keys] selects a block of text, a character at a time.
   E.g. Shift+down selects the next line down, etc.
Shift+Ctrl+[cursor keys] selects a block of text, a word at a time (faster).
Shift+Home selects all text to the beginning of the line.
Shift+End selects all text to the end of the line.
Shift+Ctrl+Home selects all text to the beginning of the article.
Shift+Ctrl+End selects all text to the end of the article.
Ctrl+A selects All text in the article.
To undo highlighting, either click in the Article pane outside the highlighted area or press the Esc key.
Whole word selection
(Option unique to TreePad Business Edition)
To select only whole words when highlighting text, click Main menu ⁄ Options ⁄ Article and check the box Automatically select whole words. This option is off by default.
In this example sentence with this option turned off, the portion "lk in the p" has been highlighted:
Let's go for a walk in the park.
After opening the Options menu and turning whole word selection on, re-highlighting the same portion "lk in the p" now displays:
Let's go for a walk in the park.
This feature requires less precision when only complete phrases are likely to be selected. Remember that clicking the Options toolbutton offers a quick way to access this option when toggling it on or off.

1. This is an option which is on by default but may be turned off by selecting Main menu ⁄ View ⁄ Options ⁄ Article and unchecking Enable line select. Note also that you can cause this effect by clicking anywhere along a line (e.g., after the word "meet" in this example), dragging the mouse cursor left, beyond the left text margin like this -
- then releasing the left mouse button.
2. Pressing Tab or (spacebar) does not indent highlighted text; instead, it causes it to disappear! This is because what you are actually doing is overtyping the highlighted block with a tab or space character. Don't worry; you can restore your text by immediately pressing Ctrl+Z (Undo). If you need to indent highlighted text, press Ctrl+M (Increase⁄Decrease indentation).
3. For highlighting text in different colors, see Color marker (Option unique to TreePad Business Edition).
4. This also applies when the focus lies beyond any of the panes. For example, if you actively highlight some article text, click the Font face or Font size toolbutton, and select the same or different font face or size, the article text will remain passively highlighted even after the drop-down list closes because the toolbutton still has focus,  remaining actively highlighted, until you click the article again.

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