Multi-monitor support
If you have one or more additional monitors (or screens) connected to your system you can send TreePad to a different monitor.
To send TreePad to another monitor, just click on the 'Move to monitor' button inside the 'view' toolbar. This will open a small menu containing eight items (one for each screen) as shown below:
After clicking on 'Monitor 2', TreePad will move to your second screen. You can always move TreePad back to your main screen by clicking on 'Monitor 1'.
If you have two monitors connected (i.e. the main screen and one additional monitor), then the items 'Montor 1' and 'Monitor 2' are enabled as shown in the screenshot above. If you have yet more monitors connected then additional items will be enabled as well. Up to eight monitors are supported (the main screen and seven additional screens).
In case the view toolbar is not visible, just right-click anywhere inside the toolbar area and select 'view'. This will activate the view toolbar.
Please note that this feature only works when you have two or more monitors connected to your computer, and you need to have the option 'Extend my Windows destkop onto this monitor' enabled in the Windows control panel for the additional monitors.
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