Using the mouse to navigate
Tree pane scroll bar (visible if tree extends offscreen):
To scroll up the tree, drag the slider up or click up arrow at top of slider bar. To scroll down the tree, drag the slider down or click down arrow at bottom of slider bar.
Navigate Bar icons:
Go up | Go down | Go left | Go right:
These yellow arrows (cursor toolbuttons) have similar actions to those of the cursor (arrow) keys1.
Goto previous node in history list | Goto next node in history list2:
See Note below.
Main menu:
Click Navigate then
Previous node | Next node: Lets you navigate the history list.
See Note below.
Go up | Go down | Go left | Go right: Same actions as corresponding cursor keys.
Tree context menu :
Goto previous node: Goes to previous node in history list.
Goto next node: Goes to next node in history list.

  1. Astute users may notice that the tooltips for these arrows are labelled with the shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+Up, Ctrl+Alt+Down, etc., rather than the single cursor keys Up, Down, etc., yet the latter work equally well as navigation keys in the Tree pane. Why? This is because Ctrl+Alt+[cursor keys] perform Tree pane navigation from either Tree or Article pane, whereas the single cursor keys cannot do this when the Article pane has focus, since (as in most wordprocessing screens) they are needed to move the cursor . The Ctrl+Alt shortcuts displayed in the tooltips were chosen with this in mind.
  2. For detailed information about the Previous node ⁄ Next node toolbuttons see Node history list.
  3. Remember that selecting a node can be achieved using the keyboard, mouse, or a combination of the two, whichever suits you best. You can scroll up or down using the cursor keys, cursor toolbuttons or vertical Tree pane scrollbar. You can use a keyboard scrolling roller or mouse wheel, if  these are installed. It is often less tiring to adopt a two-handed approach, e.g., scroll with one hand using the cursor keys and select nodes with the mouse held in the other. TreePad provides several different navigation methods to enable you to develop the most comfortable work habits.
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