Inserting a sibling node
As we saw earlier, a sibling node occurs at the same level in the tree as another child node of the same parent. There must be at least one child in the family before the next arrival can be a sibling!
TreePad offers you the choice of creating the sibling node above or below the node you select in the Tree pane. What was called the parent node in  Inserting a child node will now be called a target node since all will be siblings of each other1.
First select the target node2 with your cursor or mouse, then follow the instructions below.
To insert a sibling node below (after) the target node
To insert a sibling node above (before) the target node

  1. Note that above⁄below and before⁄after as used here simply means the order in which sibling nodes are displayed within their subtree. They always remain at the same level in the tree hierarchy.
  2. TreePad does not permit you to create a sibling node above or below the Root node. See Subtrees and sublevels.
  3. To change the default node title of a new node, see Setting the default node title.
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