General considerations
Securing your data from accidental or deliberate corruption, deletion, theft or unauthorized inspection or copying involves several levels of security.
If the data is simply for your own use, you should save and back it up frequently. Save copies to a different hard drive and to other storage media such as CDs that can be securely stored away from your computer.
If you have created a data file for others to use and want to prevent alteration, include the freeware TreePad Viewer with it or distribute it as a single-executable or exe-eBook, containing TreePad Viewer and your database inside one executable file.
If you store sensitive data in TreePad files, you should:

  1. Deleting the clipboard.hjt file helps, but is not 100% secure, since deleting a file from your hard disk the regular way always leaves some remnants. Using these remnants, with certain software tools, files can be partially or completely recovered, even after they are "deleted". Future TreePad versions will actually overwrite the information in the TreePad clipboard before deleting them (this way only the overwritten, not the original, information can be recovered by these tools).
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