Underlined  hyperlink examples
Double-click or single-click these hyperlinks to activate them, depending on which option you selected in Main menu ⁄ View ⁄ Options ⁄ Hyperlinks (double-click is the default). See also Activating (following) hyperlinks. Please note that TreePad Viewer activates hyperlinks by single-click.
This hyperlink points to a node inside this manual. It will return you to the direct parent node of this node:
Creating underlined hyperlinks
This hyperlink will open C:\WINDOWS\NOTEPAD.EXE for you (but only when that file is present on your system, and in that exact location):
Hyperlinks to files in this manual are examples only and cannot be guaranteed to function correctly, since the actual path of the file may differ with each situation.
The link directly below points to an anchor placed at the bottom of this article. An anchor is a marker which can be placed anywhere in a TreePad article and to which you can link. Anchors are not visible by default, but you can make them appear using the options screen (article display options). After double-clicking the link below, notice that the cursor has moved to the bottom part of this article. If necessary, after following a link to an anchor, the article will be scrolled.
Click this is a link to go to the bottom of this article

This  hyperlink will open the Freebyte Web site if you are connected to the Internet: www.freebyte.com
This  hyperlink will open the netscape.public newsgroup  if you are connected to the Internet: netscape.public
This is an example of  a user-defined hyperlink to a ficticious https Web site: login.secure.com
This example executes a Windows command-line ("iexplore" -k www.treepad.com):
Open TreePad.com in Internet Explorer kiosk mode
Underlined hyperlinks to external targets such as files, WWW, news, mail, FTP are preserved when a subtree or TreePad file containing them is imported into the current file, and when the current subtree is exported to a standalone TreePad file, or exported to a Web site.
This line is needed to illustrate the anchor link above. Anchor placed here.
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