Editing hyperlinks directly
Plain text hyperlinks
Plain text hyperlinks (e.g., http:⁄⁄www.freebyte.com) are modified by editing their URL address.
Underlined hyperlinks
If you need to modify the hyperlink's target, you will need to use the Insert⁄edit hyperlink window dialog. See Using the Insert⁄edit hyperlink window.
However, if all you want to do is modify the hyperlink's name as it appears in the article, you may simply edit it just like any other article text! You can even paste text into it. Of course, the text might not look anything like a hyperlink at first, but this can be remedied using Copy special and Paste special to transfer the formatting. Don't replace all the hyperlink with pasted text or it will destroy it completely! Here's a demonstration:
Hyperlinks   We just created a hyperlink to this chapter heading.
My hyperlinks  Move cursor to left end of hyperlink and type "My". Replace "H" with "h".
My best hyperlinks  Copy and paste the word "best", using the cursor keys. Note that the cursor does not become a pointing hand when positioned over "best", and that "My" is an invalid hyperlink. (Note: this has been faked in the demonstration above to avoid creating an invalid hyperlink, but you should verify this using a test file.)
My best hyperlinks  Fix that by copying and pasting the formatting. Now the whole link works!
Alternatively, you can use the Insert⁄edit hyperlink window dialog to modify the hyperlink's name by ticking the Custom link text box and editing the Link text field. See Using the Insert⁄edit hyperlink window.
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