Keep another TreePad file handy as a clipboard
You need to store several miscellaneous items such as images, hyperlinks and bits of text in a temporary location while moving between articles. You could create a temporary article to hold them, but this would mean backtracking to it every time, then returning.
Why not keep a small TreePad file handy (let's call it MyPad.tpd) for just this reason? Create the file and a shortcut to it that you can park on the Start menu or somewhere convenient. Reduce your main TreePad window to less than full size so you can see MyPad lurking just behind it, also less than maximized so that it doesn't cover your main work window. Then, whenever you need to put aside what you have copied to the Windows Clipboard, click the MyPad window to bring it to the front, and park it there.
If you use hyperlinks a lot, this is a great way to temporarily store one more links while you navigate to the article where you going to paste them in.
If you are going to paste a hyperlink into it, remember to create a few blank lines first, then paste the link into the lines so that the whitespace above and below does not take on hyperlink formatting.
You could extend this concept by creating nodes in MyPad.tpd to store reusable text ("boilerplate text").
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