Exporting selected nodes
TreePad gives you two ways of specifying which nodes are to be included when you export a subtree.
1. Specifying the subtree to be exported
As we have seen, Main menu ⁄ File ⁄ Export ⁄ Selected subtree allows you to specify the subtree to be exported. Selecting the Root node means that the whole tree will be exported.
2. Using the Export⁄print tab checkbox
You can include⁄exclude any node or subtree from being exported to a single RTF, HTML or plain text file, Website or multiple files in one of the above three formats, by selecting it in the Tree pane, opening its Node properties window, clicking the Export⁄print tab and ticking or unticking the box labeled Include this subtree into export and print. This is a very powerful feature as it enables you to include or exclude the whole subtree. All subtrees are included by default.
You also use this function to exclude certain nodes from being printed. See Printing selected items.
The Export⁄print tab settings take precedence over the Export ⁄ Selected subtree command. In other words, if you untick the Include this subtree into export and print box in the Node properties window, then select that node to be exported, the export file created will be empty!
3. Using node check marks
(TreePad Business Edition only)
In a similar way, you can use node check marks to include⁄exclude nodes from export to single⁄multiple RTF⁄HTML⁄plain text files, or to a Web site. The node will only be exported if there are check marks in both the node checkbox icon and the Export⁄print tab checkbox.
Differences between Export ⁄ Selected subtree, Export⁄print tab and node check marks include:
The Export ⁄ Selected subtree command
The Node properties tab
Node check marks
Exporting a node without its child nodes
If you just want to export a node without any of the children, consider exporting just the article to file (menu⁄file⁄export⁄current article).
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