Aligning and indenting text
TreePad offers several methods for indenting and aligning text. Toolbuttons for many of them are on the Paragraph toolbar.
Alignment and justification
Click the Left, Right, Justify or Center toolbuttons (or press their corresponding shortcut keys) for text aligned with the left or right margins, both margins or center of the article. See Aligning and justifying paragraphs
Tab key and Auto Indent
Press the Tab key one or more times to indent the text an appropriate distance from the left margin, then turn on Auto Indent by pressing F6 to set this value for subsequent lines. Programmers will find this a handy feature for indenting code. See Using tabs to indent text and Auto Indent. This is best used for short single lines, since tabbing and auto-indenting only affect the first line of a paragraph. The tab width can be set in the Options menu in either inches or centimeters.
Increase⁄Decrease Indentation
Click the Increase indentationDecrease indentation toolbuttons or press Ctrl+MShift+Ctrl+M respectively to increase⁄decrease the indentation of the whole paragraph. see Increase⁄Decrease indentation. Each indentation stop equals the width of a tab stop.
Bulleted and numbered paragraphs
Text which is bulleted and numbered is automatically indented by an amount which you can set in Options, similar to setting tab width. Round bullet symbols, numbers and letters are available. Toolbuttons for this are on the Paragraph toolbar. See Bulleting and numbering paragraphs.
Article rulers, tabs and line numbers
For more precise control, use one of the Article rulers or line numbers. These can be shown or hidden using the options screen or the toolbar context menu. See Article ruler, tabs and line numbers for more information.
Paragraph formatting window
This tool is similar to the Article ruler but enables you to enter numerical values. See Paragraph formatting window.
Enclosing text in table cells
Just as in HTML pages, you can compartmentalize text in individual cells of tables for greater control when combining text and images. These advanced methods are discussed in Tables.
Time to look at inserting items into your text.
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