Title bar
A blue title bar across the top of the main TreePad window contains, from left to right, the program icon, program name (TreePad Business Edition in this example) and the name of the file currently open (manual.tpd in this example).
To avoid any possibility of ambiguity, you have the option of displaying the full filepath and filename in the title bar. To do this, click Main menu ⁄ View ⁄ Options ⁄ TreePad and check the box titled Show full file-path in title bar
A single left click on the icon (or pressing Alt+spacebar) will open a small drop-down menu (known as the Program system menu) enabling you to minimize or close the program. Pressing Esc will close this window. Warning: double-clicking this icon will shut down TreePad!
At the far right of the title bar are the three standard buttons to Minimize, Restore and Close the TreePad window.
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