Safety copy
Saving a subtree
Saving and backup
Saving the tree state
Saving TreePad settings
Screen captures, inserting
Screen mode options
Searching and replacing
Article search and replace
Article search only
Tree search
Server, TreePad X Enterprise
Settings, TreePad, saving
Shortcuts, Windows Explorer, importing
Shortcuts, keyboard
Shutting down TreePad
Sibling nodes explained
Sorting nodes
Sorting text
Special characters, inserting
Spelling checker
Spellcheck dictionaries
Subdividing articles
Starting up TreePad
State, tree, saving
Article statistics
Subtree statistics
Status bar
Stay on top
Strip text of spaces and carriage returns
Structures, TreePad
Subdividing articles
Copying, cutting and pasting subtrees
Deleting subtrees
Expanding and collapsing subtrees
Exporting subtrees
How to split a hyperlinked subtree
Importing subtrees
Moving subtrees
Saving a subtree
Sorting subtrees
Subtree statistics
see also Tree(s) and Tree pane
Superscripts and subscripts
Switches, command-line
Switching between Tree and Article panes
System Tray icon
System-wide TreePad activation key
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