The Dictionaries window
To open the Dictionaries window, click Dictionaries in the Spelling options window.
Note: If you cannot find the Ignore All ⁄ Change All dictionary it is because it is not created until you give it a word to be ignored or replaced. Do this first.
Extra dictionaries can be created (by clicking the New button in the Dictionaries window) and a choice of available dictionaries made by ticking⁄unticking the appropriate box in the Dictionaries window.
Only one custom dictionary can be in use at any time. If more than one custom dictionary is available, you can select which one to use from the drop-down list under Custom Dictionary: in the Spelling options window (see previously).
To edit a dictionary, click it in the Custom Dictionaries: window, then click Edit.  Note that you can delete a dictionary by clicking Delete and create a new dictionary by clicking New.
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