Article page options
In the exported Website, the "article page" is displayed as a "page sheet" inside the article frame. Please note that the "article page options" apply to the "page sheet" inside the article frame, and not the article frame itself.
Export tabs as
The tab size specifies how many HTML-spaces (exported) one text⁄RTF-tab (in the original article text) gets converted into.
Show page
- When enabled, article text is shown inside a very nice looking page sheet inside the article frame.
- When disabled, article text is directly shown in the article frame1.
Resize images  (option unique to TreePad™ Business Edition)
- When enabled, images are resized, and shown in a size comparable to how they are displayed inside TreePad's article (default).
- When disabled, images are shown in their 'true' size, according to dimensions of the image itself (no HTML "img" tag resizing)
More article page options
1. When the page is not visible,  settings for inner margins (padding), page color, page background image, page border color and page border width have no effects (see Dimensions and Appearance).
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