Dragging-and-dropping images
Dragging-and-dropping is another a way to move or copy images, depending on the situation.
Dragging-and-dropping within the same article
In this example, we are going to drag this image and interpose it after the word "this".
First, give the image the focus by clicking in it; the image frame becomes visible.
Next, drag the image up. Notice that as it moves it is accompanied by an article cursor shaped like an "l". Position the image so that the article cursor appears just after the word "this".
Finally, release the left mouse button to drop the image so that it will appear where the article cursor is, and click the article to give it back the focus.
When used in this way, dragging-and-dropping does not result in image conversion.
Note that the same end could have been achieved by highlighting the image, then Cutting and Pasting it to its new location. However, dragging-and-dropping is to be preferred in this situation as it keeps the Windows Clipboard free for other purposes and image conversion and image degradation are avoided.
Dragging-and-dropping to the Tree Pane
When a block of article text with or without embedded images is dragged to the Tree pane and dropped onto a node, a new child node is inserted containing the highlighted text and any images. This is described in detail in Drag-and-drop support. Image conversion will occur if the transferred image was not in BMP or EMF⁄WMF format (see Note 3).
  1. Dragging-and-dropping cannot be used to transfer text or images between concurrently open TreePad files.
  2. Text containing images is copied or moved to the new child node depending on whether the Alt key is held down during the transfer (see Drag-and-drop support).
  3. Although this maneuver also does not involve the Windows Clipboard, image conversion takes place as the image displayed in the new child node's article is copied and stored in BMP format. Thus duplicate images are created until the old one is deleted.
  4. Dragging-and-dropping can also be used to transfer text but not images to the DraftPad.
Dragging-and-dropping from a document file to a TreePad article
Currently, only selected text in RTF-compatible files such as Microsoft Word documents can be copied (but not moved) to a TreePad article by dragging-and-dropping. See Drag-and-drop support. TreePad does not yet support transfer of images by this method.
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