Inserting a hyperlink to an external anchor
An anchor is a tag marking a location or position inside an article. An external anchor is an anchor inside an article in another TreePad file. To create a link to an external article you first need to know the ID of the node containing the target article, as well as the name of the target anchor.
Step 1
To determine the ID of the node containing the external article, open the TreePad file containing the target article, select the node of the target article, and open the node properties screen (menu⁄tree⁄node properties). You can find the node ID in the tab 'stamp' in node properties screen.
Step 2
To find the anchor name, there are several methods:
(1) Click menu⁄navigate⁄goto anchor to find the anchor you want to link to in the list of anchors.
(2) Alternatively, enable the visibility of anchors using the article display options in the options screen (menu⁄view⁄options). Then, after closing the options screen, scroll the article until you see the specified anchor.
Step 3
In the TreePad file you want to modify, to create a link to an external node, click menu⁄insert⁄hyperlnk, select linktype ' file⁄directory', click the button 'find file' to get the path to the file (or type the path manually if you wish).
Step 4
Append a question mark to the path of the file followed by the ID of the external node containing the article, finally append a '#' with the name of the anchor, and click OK.
c:\program files\TreePadBiz\example.tpd?48#my_second_paragraph
This URL points to the anchor my_second_paragraph in the article of the node with ID = 48 inside the file 'example.hjt'
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