Inserting a hyperlink to an external node
An external node is a node inside another TreePad file. To create a link to an external node you first need to know the ID of the target node.
Step 1
To determine the ID, open the TreePad file containing the target node, select the target node, and open the node properties screen (menu⁄tree⁄node properties). You can find the node ID in the tab 'stamp' in node properties screen.
Step 2
To create a link to an external node, click menu⁄insert⁄hyperlnk, select linktype ' file⁄directory', click the button 'find file' to get the path to the file (or type the path manually if you wish).
Step 3
Finally, append a question mark to the path of the file followed by the ID of the external node and press 'OK'.
An example an URL pointing to an external TreePad node is:
c:\program files\TreePadBiz\example.tpd?48
This URL points to the node with ID = 48 inside the file 'example.hjt'
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