Status bar
This lies at the bottom margin of the TreePad window and currently displays, from left to right:
1) Whether or not you have changed the file since you last saved it. If you have made no changes (e.g., are just viewing the file), this compartment is blank. If you have changed the file but have not saved these changes, the message "Changes not saved" will be displayed. If you have enabled Autosave, the message "Autosave in n minutes" (where n is the number of minutes set) will replace "Changes not saved". See Backup and saving.
2) Whether and how the text in the current article is formatted. This is termed the article data type. If the article's text contains no formatting, "Text" (meaning plain text) will be displayed. If it is formatted, "RTF" (meaning Rich Text Format) will be displayed. For more information see Article formats.
3) The position of the article cursor in the article, e.g., "Ln 3 Col 1" means that the cursor is on the third line in the article at the first column, i.e., at the left hand margin of the third line. This helps you keep track of total article size and your exact position in it. See also Article statistics
4) Whether you are in Insert or Overtype mode as you type. Note that it is easy to wipe out text by overwriting it if you happen to paste in text while in Overtype mode. Pressing the Insert key toggles between the two modes.
When Auto Indent is on, the "Insert" and "Overwrite" flags change to "Ins AuIn" and "Over AuIn" respectively (Auto Indent).
5) The current article name (i.e., the name of the node to which it belongs) and full filepath for the file currently open in TreePad. Alternatively, if you have clicked on an image, this field will display the image's internal filename and its format. It can be very useful to know the format when planning to export the image, now that images are now stored in their original (native) format.
6) If you are using TreePad SAFE or TreePad Business Edition, the protection status of the current file. If it is password protected, the word "Protected" appears, otherwise the field is blank. In TreePad the field is always blank.
7) The registration status of the program.
The Status bar is one of several objects in TreePad collectively known as infobars. Its visibility can be set either by right-clicking a blank area of the toolbar docking area to bring up the Toolbar menu, then ticking or unticking it. You can also show⁄hide infobars using the options screen (Menu: View⁄Options)
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