Presentation (full screen) mode
Feature unique to TreePad Business Edition and TreePad X Enterprise
Presentation mode (also: 'full screen mode', or 'kiosk mode') hides all TreePad menus, TreePad toolbars and even the Windows taskbar, so that the entire screen is available to display the contents of the article (and⁄or the tree), just like in dedicated presentation programs.
Entering and exiting presentation mode
You can activate  'presentation mode' by clicking menu⁄View⁄Full screen or type ctrl-F5. To exit presentation mode, just type esc or ctrl-F5.
Full screen mode showing only the article
Presentation mode can be used to present a sequence of articles to others, just like with a specialized presentation program. When you want to activate presentation mode with only the article visible, first click on menu⁄View⁄Article only (this hides the tree), then click on menu⁄View⁄Full screen to activate presentation mode.
Alternatively, when in presentation mode, you can also press Ctrl+F10, Ctrl+F11, or Ctrl+F12 to switch between viewing (a) tree+article, (b) tree only or (c) article only respectively.
(1) Navigating to different articles using the keyboard
To navigate to another article in presentation mode the following navigational keyboard shortcuts are available:
ctrl-alt-up (go to node directly above)
ctrl-alt-down (go to node directly below)
ctrl-alt-left (go to parent)
ctrl-alt-right (go to first child)
(2) Navigating to different articles using the navigate toolbar
To keep the navigate toolbar visible during presentation mode, first make the navigate toolbar floating by dragging it outside the toolbar area, then activate presentation mode.
(3) Navigating to different articles using the tree
When you keep the tree-pane visible in presentation mode, the tree can also be used to navigate to other articles.
(4) Navigating to different articles using hyperlinks
When the articles you display in presentation mode contain hyperlinks to other articles, you can use these to navigate your presentation. When only the article shows, you can set up a self-running display in "kiosk mode". This means that interested people can educate themselves by navigating your file by clicking on node hyperlinks without requiring your intervention, similar to browsing the Web.

  1. Going to Full Screen mode automatically disables Stay on top and you will have to re-enable this feature if you need it again after exiting this mode.
  2. You can display the Windows Start Menu at any time while in this mode by pressing the Windows key or Ctrl+Esc.
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