Standard tree search
Please note that the tabs 'advanced search' and 'regex search' are available in TreePad Business Edition only.
To perform a tree search, simly type the words you search for into the search input text field and click 'Search' or press 'Enter'.
To find the exact text you entered, activate the option 'items containing this exact phrase'.
To find nodes⁄articles containing one or more of the words you entered, activate the option 'items containing at least one of the words'.
At the right hand end of the search input text field is a down arrow (inverted black triangle) which if clicked will display a drop-down list of previous search strings (the text searched for). 
To the right of the input text field are three buttons in a row:
There functions are (from left to right):
Paste (Ctrl+V)
Copy (Ctrl+C)
The button 'Search Article' will close this screen, and open the 'article-search' screen.
See also:
Advanced tree search
Regular Expressions
Search Range
Misc Options
Search Results pane
Typing in part of a word will find all words containing that sequence of letters. For example, typing "conver" will find "convert" and "conversion".
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