Feature unique to TreePad Business Edition
You can create a hyperlink to a telephone number by opening the Insert Hyperlink window (Shift+Ctrl+H) and selecting PHONE as the Link type. Enter the telephone number in the Phone number field or paste it in from an address book program via the Windows Clipboard using the Paste button.
When you are ready to call the number, simply double-click the hyperlink and the Call Status window will appear:
Autodial without a hyperlink
To dial a phone number which is not part of a 'phone' hyperlink, select the entire phone number, and press ctrl-H to start dialing (or click menu⁄navigate⁄follow hyperlink).
Autodial prefix
If all your auto-dial numbers require the same prefix, you can program TreePad to dial it for you. To do this, click Main menu ⁄ View ⁄ Options ⁄ Autodial and enter the prefix in the Autodial prefix field. E.g., if you work in an office where you always need to enter 0 to dial out before you can dial the number, enter 0 in this field. If the telephone system requires you to pause within or after the prefix, enter a comma where necessary, e.g., "0,21684297" inserts a pause between dialling 0 and 21684297.
Additionally, an Enable autodial prefix checkbox is provided to quickly enable⁄disable the prefix, rather than require you to remember and type it in accurately each time you need it. You may find this useful if you work in different environments.

  1. For this feature to work, your phone must be able to be connected to your modem, usually via an RJ-11 cable that plugs into both your phone and modem.
  2. This feature is more suitable for making voice calls using your telephone handset than for connecting your computer to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Use Dial-Up Networking (DUN) for this instead.
  3. Freebyte's Custom Addressbook is a tiny yet extremely flexible addressbook which you can use for a variety of purposes as well as to store names, addresses and telephone numbers. Why not try it out in conjunction with TreePad?
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