Copy special and Paste special
These commands enable you to copy and paste text as either plain text or rich text (rich text includes the formatting).  In addition, you can simply copy and paste the formatting information, without actually pasting the text itself.
Copy as plain text copies the selected text block to clipboard, but without any formatting (such as bold, italic). This is useful if for example you wish to paste text formatted in TreePad into another word processor but are not sure how it will turn out. You can copy it across as plain text and format it later.
To copy as plain text, highlight the selected block, then
Paste as plain text pastes text from clipboard, but without any formatting
To paste as plain text, position the article cursor, then
Other Copy special ⁄ Paste special commands
Copy special ⁄ Copy shortcut
Copy special ⁄ Copy link text
Paste special ⁄ Paste node hyperlink
Although included in the Copy special and Paste special menus, these commands apply to hyperlinks only. See Copying and pasting hyperlinks

  1. As another example, suppose you have pasted various bits of text in different fonts and formats into an article but want all the paragraphs to have the same font and size when finished. Your last steps should be to highlight some text in this (or even some other) article that has the formatting you wish to apply, copy the formatting using Copy special ⁄ Copy formatting , then highlight all the irregularly formatted text and select Paste special ⁄ Paste formatting to bring it into line.
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