Cutting, Copying and Pasting images into an article
How it works
This is very similar to copying, cutting and pasting text (see Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete), you can use the same menu items.
Menu items:
These are the same menu items as used for text copy⁄paste⁄cut⁄delete. To copy⁄paste⁄cut⁄delete an image you first need to select the image.
The commands can be used to Copy (or Cut) and Paste an image:
Copying or cutting an image from a TreePad article
After selecting the image,  copy or cut it from the article to the Windows Clipboard by:
Pasting an image to a TreePad article
Position the article cursor where the image is to be inserted, then paste it by:
E.g., To copy an image from a Web page currently open in Internet Explorer, position the mouse cursor over the image, right-click to open the pop-up menu, then left-click Copy1.(alternatively, use the command Save picture as...) Now make TreePad the active window, right-click in the Article pane where you would like the image inserted, and left-click (Article context menu ⁄) Paste, or press Ctrl+V. A copy of the image will appear in your article. As simple as that!
Other browsers have similar commands, e.g. in Opera the corresponding command is Copy image. As Web pages are not designed to allow you to edit text directly, you can only copy images. However, word processing applications such as Microsoft Word allow you to Cut (Ctrl+X) as well as Copy (Ctrl+C) images. You can copy an image from another TreePad file by selecting (Article context menu ⁄) Copy.

1. When moving or copying images within the same TreePad file, it is recommended you use image cloning.
2.  Although the commands Copy, Cut and Paste are also applied to nodes and subtrees in the Tree pane, their action is quite different from the ones discussed here. Cutting and Copying nodes involves copying them to the TreePad Clipboard, not the Windows Clipboard. No image conversion takes place during tree copy⁄paste.
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