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How to search this manual
a) Using TreePad's search engine
This manual was created in TreePad, which contains a powerful search engine. To open it, press Shift+F11 or click the Search tree toolbutton on the View toolbar. Type in the text to be searched for, then click the Search button. The Search Results pane pops up to display what TreePad has found. If a list of topics (nodes) is displayed, double-click on the item that interests you and you will be taken to it. If necessary, you can increase the relative size of the Search Results pane by dragging up its top border with the mouse.
To close the Search Results pane, either click the Article button or press Ctrl+Alt+U. (For more information on searching, double-click here.)
To retrace your steps, press Alt+Left arrow, or click the Goto previous node toolbutton on the Navigate toolbar near the top of the screen.   (For more information on using this feature, double-click here.)
b) Browsing the Tree pane (Contents)
From any place in the manual you can always press Ctrl+0 (zero) to return to the  topmost node of the tree (termed the Root node). To expand the whole tree, right-click on the Root node and select ExpandSubtree (all levels).
c) Browsing the Index
The INDEX is located at the end of the manual.

What sections should I read first?
Did you know that...?
There are many handy hints scattered throughout the manual that you will appreciate as you get to know the program. Why not search on the terms "handy" and "hint" from time to time, setting TreePad's search engine to "Items containing at least one of the words (OR)".
FAQ and troubleshooters
Throughout the manual you will find FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) articles including troubleshooting hints, providing answers to common and not-so-common questions and problems.
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