Article search and replace
This function allows you to search for one or more instances of the a specific string of characters (termed a search string) within an article and replace none, some or all with another string of characters, termed the replacement string. For example, you might want to replace every instance of "Joe" with "Fred".
To access the article Search⁄replace tab
Click the Article search and replace toolbutton on the View toolbar

To search for and replace text within an article
  1. Enter the text to be searched for in the Text to find: field by clicking in the field and typing it in, or, having previously copied it from somewhere else to the Windows Clipboard, clicking Paste or pressing Ctrl+V to paste it in;
  2. Similarly, enter the text to replace it in the Replace with: field;
  3. Specify different search options if needed by clicking the button Show options (see Article search and replace options);
  4. Click Replace one or Replace all to replace the first occurrence or all occurrences of the search string;
  5. Click Close to close the Article search window.
Article search⁄replace supports wildcard searches.

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