Installing or upgrading the Manual
The TreePad PLUS⁄SAFE⁄Business Edition manual comes in two flavors:
The downloadable manual
The downloadable edition is self-running, it has its own built-in viewer program. You can open the manual from inside TreePad by clicking Menu: Help⁄Manual⁄Open.
The online manual
The online manual opens directly inside your Webbrowser. It can be accessed from within TreePad using: Menu: Help⁄Manual⁄Online manual. You can also find it on:⁄docs⁄tpp⁄manual⁄
Upgrading the manual
After the manual is installed, you can use Menu: Help⁄Manual⁄Upgrade to obtain a new version (whenever available). Just follow the instructions on your screen.
Using the downloadable manual without installing it
The manual does not necessarily need to be installed. You can also download it from:⁄docs⁄tpp⁄ , and open it by double clicking on the file tpp_manual.exe (from inside the Windows Explorer file manager).
If you copy tpp_manual.exe into TreePad's program directory, TreePad will detect it, and you can also open it from inside TreePad using Menu: Help⁄Manual⁄Open.
Portability and the manual
Portability - in this context - means that you can transfer TreePad to another computer (e.g. on a USB stick), without re-installing it, and everything will still work as before.
For TreePad, to be able to open the manual using Menu: Help⁄Manual⁄Open on (a USB stick when plugged into) any other computer, the manual needs to reside inside TreePad's program directory.
Below it is assumed that you have full access to the TreePad program directory. If TreePad resides inside a subdirectory of 'c:\Program files' (on Windows Vista and Windows 7), you might need to run the Windows Explorer file manager 'as administrator'.
A step-by-step instruction:
(a) Download the manual from:⁄docs⁄tpp⁄ 
(b) Copy the file tpp_manual.exe into the TreePad program directory.
(c) Now you can open the manual from inside TreePad using Menu: Help⁄Manual⁄Open.
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